New A La Carte Menu

All dishes are served with rice, black beans, salad, or french fries

Full Rodizio Tuesday - Thursday 4 pm to 9pm

Full Rodizio friday- sunday 12 pm to 9pm


  • Brazilian Potato Salad
    – Light mayo potato salad with scallions, black pepper, and lightly drizzled lime
  • Brazilian Chicken Salad “Salpicao de Frango”
    – Mayo based salad, shredded chicken, carrots, onions, raisins, celery, and shoestring potatoes
  • Mixed Greens Salad
    – Artisan lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumbers, and heart of palm
Caesar Salad


  • Homemade Brazilian Flan
  • Homemade Brazilian Coconut Flan with Pineapple Drizzle
  • Brazilian “Brigadeiro” Chocolate Cake
  • Tiramisu
  • Passion Fruit Mousse
  • Chocolate Mousse


  • Domestic Beers – Bud, Bud Light, Corona, Yuengling
  • Brazilian Beer- Cerpa & Brahma
  • Homemade Red Sangria
  • Various Red Wines
  • Various White Wines
  • Portuguese White Wine


  • Passion Fruit Maracuja”.
  • Cashew Fruit “Caju”
  • Guava “Goiaba”
Passion Fruit Juice

Other Drinks

  • Brazilian Soda “Guarana” (Regular and Diet available)
  • Coke, Coke Zero, Orange Cream, Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea, 7up, Mountain Dew, Lemonade
  • Café Con Leche
  • Cappuccino
  • Espresso
  • Black Coffee
  • Hot Tea
guarana antartica